Festival Information

Contact the festival office by
phoneBirdFestImage321-268-5224 or by
e-mail: neta@brevardnaturealliance.org.
Mailing address is
P.O. Box 517, Titusville
FL 32781-0517.
The office is staffed Monday through Friday 9:00am-4:00pm.
January 20-25

This year, $5 of your registration fee will be donated to the Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida in cooperation with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. This contribution will help provide the necessary funding for FWC staff and well trained volunteers to continue shorebird conservation activities such as:

  • Installing signage and marking areas where birds are nesting.
  • Providing on site education to the public and building owners about the conservation of Florida’s beach nesting birds.
  • Conducting coastal and rooftop monitoring of nest activity, and rescuing flightless young that fall off rooftops.

This volunteer-citizen initiative is part of the Florida Shorebird Alliance, a cooperative effort between FWC biologists, nongovernmental agencies, land managers and the public, to monitor shorebird activity throughout Florida.

For information about the Florida Shorebird Alliance, visit the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission booths in Aisle 4 and attend one of the presentations: Florida’s Beach nesting Birds: Biology and Conservation Efforts.

Brevard County Florida 

A remarkable place. Marsh lands. Cypress swamps. Pine flatwoods. Oak hammocks. Rivers and lakes. Fruit groves. Mangroves. Estuaries and the Atlantic Ocean. Undisturbed nature and wildlife are everywhere. A migration path for insects, birds, whales and fi sh. The Kennedy Space Center, where man’s adventure in space began.

January on the Space Coast. Chilly mornings and cool days. Lots of sun, not much rain. Zero probability of snow showers. Dominant colors are green and blue, not winter white. Deer, wild hogs, alligators, foxes, bobcats, raccoons, otters, dragonfl ies and butterfl ies all over. Manatees, dolphins, rays, fish and other sea life are abundant. The birds – from the smallest hummingbird to the second largest bird in North America, the White Pelican – this is their winter home. Many species of ocean birds can be seen on a half day boat trip. More shorebirds, ducks, spoonbills, egrets and herons than can be imagined. That’s January on the Space Coast of Florida.

So, what’s new?

With more than 100 photography activities, today’s festival is for those who record natural events – in the class, in the field and on the ocean – all taught and led by some of the fi nest photography professionals in the world. The latest cameras, lenses and photo gear will be on display with hands-on demonstrations. Today’s festival will also have its regular field trip adventures to splendid locations and fascinating talks given by authorities in their respective fields of expertise.

Full Moon. Celebrity birders. Tons of trailer trips. Loads of free activities. Art show. Socials. Exhibits. Raptor Project. Keynotes. Return of afternoon seminars and the Fox Lake Sunday Social. Half day boat trips to focus on near shore wildlife. Remarkable sponsors and partners. Scores of passionate speakers, field trip leaders and volunteers – all here to help you enjoy your visit.