nextgenThe Next Generation Stem Cell Clinic in Brevard is the most innovative Clinic in Florida improving Floridians and patients from many other states lifestyle they deserve. Next Generation Stem Cell Clinic’s mission is to alleviate the burden of devastating disease on as many people as possible. Our treatment is founded on phase 1 clinical trials and clinical use of stem cells in United States and internationally. Our Physician has been treating patients since 2003 facing many challenges and limitations in today’s medical environment. At Next Generation Stem Cell Clinic, as our name implies, we use the most cutting edge advances in stem cell therapy. Some methods of extracting stem cells from other carriers lead to immune deficiencies and complications. We only use stem cells from your own body, so no rejection reaction can occur.

Most other centers still use bone marrow biopsies to obtain stem cells. That is an older technique that may cause lifelong pain in and at the site of the biopsy. Here, at Next Generation Stem Cell Clinic, we use the newest and most effective source of stem cells. Recent research shows that for every one stem cell found in bone marrow, five hundred are found in fat tissue. We obtain our stem cells by doing a small liposuction procedure to extract the patient’s own fat, which means our method is five hundred times more effective than the other methods at other centers. Also, our technique has no chance for lifelong biopsy site pain like the other techniques. The only way to make bone marrow biopsy stem cell volume reach the numbers obtained from fat harvesting is to do an illegal step called stem cell amplification. Amplification is when bone marrow stem cells are placed in a petri dish and then, with the use of chemicals, are forced to divide over and over again for at least a week so the number becomes useful. The FDA made this process illegal due to concerns that the stem cells may be altered after chemical manipulation. Therefore, we only use autologous homologous mesenchymal stem cells. This means pure, unaltered personal stem cells are all we use.

We conduct free educational seminars and provide consultations in order to give you, as a potential client, all of the information you need to make the right decision. Our team of experts from start to finish will make you feel at home and make sure you feel comfortable with your entire journey in regenerative medicine with the Next Generation Stem Cell Clinic.